This Hairstyle will emphasize the creative nature of women who lead a free lifestyle.

This Hairstyle will emphasize the creative nature of women who lead a free lifestyle.

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If you have a round face, try to wear your hair from the forehead to the top. Even a short bang will give your face a visual oval and help you properly place accents, distracting others' attention. Women with oval face shapes should not be carried away with this style.

with explosion

If you have your hair cut, try leaving it in waves. The hair on the temples and the back of the head is short or completely shaved. The hair grows longer as you move from your crown to your forehead.

With the help of forceps you need to lay your hair in random waves and fix it with hairspray.

You can also try brushing the bangs aside. This style will give a woman severity and sophistication, emphasize business skills and the desire to be the first in everything. Ideal for a business woman.

Voluminous Pixie

Laying requires time and patience. To apply the hairstyle, it is necessary to apply styling to your hair with the help of forceps and a massage comb. At the final stage, fix the style with hairspray.

Free styling option - waves

Hair curling to give wavy hair of medium length. Leave it messy. For reliability, sprinkle with hairspray.

Pixie with a scythe

If you have long or medium length strands in your hair, try braiding them and securing them with hairpins.

While showing imagination, you can also weave curls in elements of modern decor.

star style

Many Hollywood celebrities wear pixies. If you are a fan of one of these actresses or sympathize with someone, you just need to copy her haircut. And now you're exactly like your hero. However, if you and your “chosen” are opponents of your type, do not rush to try on the Hollywood image. If you don't have at least one similarity, think again, otherwise the hairstyle will not be right for you. And the result will turn out to be completely not what you expected.

Benefits of Pixie

Properly chosen haircut will make a woman after 40 visually younger and fresher, giving her appearance youth, femininity and beauty. Variety of styles and a large number of variations allow you to choose a hairstyle individually for a woman. Having tried the styles, the lady can evaluate and accept the suitable option for herself.

The simplicity of styling and the increased care of pixie hair make it possible to do all these operations at home without help. The maintenance cost of such a haircut is minimal, the cost of hair styling is also low.

Following all the above tips, a woman will be able to choose the perfect haircut, which, according to the data, will not only emphasize her best features, but also hide or visually change minor flaws.


Like anything, the pixie haircut has its drawbacks. Of course, there are not many of them and they are not critical, but it is worth warning about them. Choosing this hairstyle should be approached seriously and with great responsibility. Evaluate your data properly to choose the right format and style. Once again, evaluate your lifestyle and see if there is a time and place for hair care and styling. All this must be weighed and evaluated. And only then make a deliberate decision.

To imitate your favorite star, you risk becoming a general ridicule. Make sure that the haircut model you choose is exactly the right one, and not just the desire for a child to be at least like your star. The result could be disastrous.

Also consider your hair texture. If you have problem hair and spend a lot of time styling it, maybe a pixie hairstyle is not your choice. There are simpler, elegant hairstyles that do not require styling. Consider them - maybe this is what you need.

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